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[rich media for the urban lanscape]

Grafediais street art, created on walls, on sidewalks, in bathroom stalls, or anywhere else that constitutes a public stage. Made by combining text written in spray paint, pen or chalk with digital imagery transmitted over wireless devices, it serves as a physical hyperlink between networked media and the urban landscape in which it exists.

Instances of grafedia can range from simple - an address chalked on the sidewalk pointing to a camera phone snapshot - to ornate and complex - a full-blown spray-painted wall with several grafedia addresses embedded, each pointing to a different, precisely-made image. Makers of grafedia often cultivate a distinct style in their work, and may become known in the world of grafedia for this style.

Viewers view grafedia by observing a work's written text, sending a message from their cell phone to the grafedia address written into this text, and receiving the hyperlinked digital images in return. If they choose they can then reply to the grafedia with a message of any sort that will be displayed in the artist's profile on grafedia.net.

Grafedia is not a game, is not social software, and is not a location-awareness project. It is a boundless, interactive publishing platform, base, cheap, and easy to use. With grafedia, walls become web pages, while the city itself becomes physically joined with the Internet.