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[rich media for the urban lanscape]

Grafedia is street art, made by combining pen, spray paint, or chalk drawings with digital imagery transmitted over wireless devices. Created on walls, on sidewalks, in bathrooms and in other public spaces, each piece is a _____.

Instances of grafedia can range from the simple - a chalk-scribbled address pointing to a snapshot taken on a phone - to the ornate and complex - a full-blown spray-painted wall with several grafedia addresses embedded, each pointing to a different, precisely-made image. Makers of grafedia cultivate a specific style in their work, and may become known in the grafedia world for that style.

Artists make grafedia by uploading digital imagery to grafedia.net, creating a username for themselves and an ID for the image, and then marking this username and image ID in public spaces in the form of a tag, with chalk, pen, etc**. Others passing by afterwards can view the tag and retrieve the digital image with their cell phone or other wireless device.