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[rich media for the urban lanscape]

Grafedia is art for the streets. Blending wireless communications with rudimentary tools like pen, spray paint and chalk, authors create works that are dialogues between analog writing, digital imagery, and the context in which they choose to place their work.

Grafedia can be made anywhere, by anybody, at any time. You don't need to register with grafedia.net to make grafedia - you don't even have to visit the website. You simply snap a picture with your cell phone, make up a username and image ID on the spot, send the image to username_imageID@grafedia.net, then scrawl that address on the surface of your choosing. (If you want to make grafedia that features more precise digital imagery, you can make your grafedia images on your computer and upload them to the grafedia.net website for distributing later.) Those passing by thereafter view these scrawled addresses and, with the use of their cell phones, retrieve the digital images from grafedia.net for viewing. Having viewed an image, the receiver then has the option to respond in any manner to the artwork via text messaging, with a message that will be visible online in the artist's public comments.

Modes of grafedia can range from simple - a chalk-scribbled address pointing to a snapshot taken on a phone - to ornate and complex - a full-blown spray-painted wall with several addresses embedded, each pointing to a different, precisely-made image. Makers of grafedia cultivate a specific style in their work, and may become known in the grafedia world for that style.