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Hello and welcome to Budgies.Me, a resource for learning about budgies and budgie care. Food, training, toys, health, cages and anything else I can think to write about is covered here. Please enjoy this site and learn about budgies as you do!

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Section 1: Caring for your budgie

Budgie cages: The first step with owning a budgie is to choose the right budgie cage. But how do you do that? Here are some helpful guidelines to help you choose. Includes tips on size, material, cleaning, bars & perches, and more.

Budgie care: Next, you need to know how to actually take care of your budgie. Here are the essentials to ensure your budgie is properly cared for.

Budgie toys: Budgies are very smart birds and require a good amount of mental stimulation. Toys are the perfect way to do this. This section covers what the best toys are for your budgie.

Budgie food: What are the best foods for your budgie? What foods should you avoid giving your budgie? Find out in this section.

Is your budgie sick?: Does your budgie not feel well? Find out about common ailments here.

Section 2: Fun with your budgie

Ten things you didn't know about budgies: Some really interesting facts and tidbits about budgies that you'll be amazed to learn.

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